Club Earth Horses to Go

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Club-earth-horses-togo-set-jill.jpg CE HorsesToGo1.jpg

This set came as ?Twelve Horses to Go in a plastic suitcase including a folded paper with a landscape and some general information about the horses.
Figures in this gallery were pacaged in a Club Earth case countaining 9 figures.

From some horses there are two different colour variations known. It is possible that there were at least two different Horses to Go sets available.

For the similar set sold by Play Visions, visit the page Play Visions Mini Horses

The Haflinger is misspelled as "Hafinger" and the Welsh is labelled as "Welsh Section B".

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Series 1

These three models do not belong to the original set of 9 presented here but they are likely part of a set of 12.