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{| class="wikitable"
| width=50|phylum
| width=100|Chordata
| rowspan=8| The gray wolf or grey wolf (Canis lupus) is a species of canid native to the wilderness and remote areas of North America, Eurasia, and North Africa. The gray wolf is one of the world's most well researched animals, with probably more books written about it than any other wildlife species.
For more information, visit the [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_wolf Wikipedia entry].
'''Get back to [[Canidae]]'''
| class
| [[Mammalia]]
| infraclass
| [[Eutheria]]
| order
| Carnivora
| suborder
| [[Caniformia]]
| family
| [[Canidae]]
| genus
| Canis
| species
| C. lupus
<gallery mode="packed-hover">
File:AAA wolf-sitting-small-tarunyada.jpg |[[AAA Grey Wolf Sitting (small) ]]
File:AAA-animals-31.jpg |[[AAA Grey Wolf Howling (large) ]]
File:AAA-grey-wolf-female-lying-with-blue-eyes-Ravensden-Taos.jpg |[[AAA Grey Wolf Female Lying ]]
File:AAA-wolf-female-lying-with-pups-Tarunyada.jpeg |[[AAA Wolf Female Lying with Pups ]]
File:AAA-brown-wolf-howling.jpg |[[AAA Brown Wolf Howling]]
File:AAA_WolfPup1.jpg|[[AAA Brown Wolf Pup Sitting]]
File:AH_WNF_series2_wolf1.jpg|[[Albert Heijn Gray Wolf]]
File:AMT Wolf.jpg|[[AMT Wolf]]
File:Battat 27581 Wolf.jpg|[[Battat 27581 Wolf]]
File:Britains Wolf.jpeg|[[Britains Plastic Wolf]]
File:Bully63391.JPG|[[Bullyland 63391 Wolf Walking]]
File:Bully63392.JPG|[[Bullyland 63392 Wolf Sitting]]
File:Bully63393.JPG|[[Bullyland 63393 Wolf Pup Standing]]
File:Bully63394.JPG|[[Bullyland 63394 Wolf Pup Playing]]
File:Bully64355.jpg|[[Bullyland 64355 Grey Wolf]]
File:Bully64403.JPG |[[Bullyland 64403 Alaskan Wolf ]]
File:Bully64463.JPG|[[Bullyland 64463 Wolf]]
File:Bully64464.JPG|[[Bullyland 64464 Wolf Cub]]
File:Bully64465.JPG|[[Bullyland 64465 Wolf Howling]]
File:CahpMeiWolf.JPG |[[Chap Mei Wolf ]]
File:Colorata Palearctic Gray wolf 3.JPG|[[Colorata Zoogeography Palearctic and Nearctic Regions Wolf|Colorata Palearctic and Nearctic Gray Wolf]]
File:CollectA 88341 Timber Wolf - Howling 1.jpg | [[CollectA 88341 Timber Wolf - Howling]]
File:Collecta88342.JPG |[[CollectA 88342 Timber Wolf - Hunting ]]
File:Colorata Gray wolf.jpg | [[Colorata Gray wolf]]
File:DurolinWolf.JPG |[[Durolin Wolf ]]
File:Eikoh702249Wolf.JPG|[[Eikoh 72250 Wolf]]
File:KinderArcticWolf.JPG |[[Ferrero Kinder Wolf ]]
File:GoldCompGuardWolf.JPG|[[The Golden Compass Tartar guard and dæmon Wolf]]
File:K&M-wolf-3-1997.JPG |[[K&M Wolf (1997) ]]
File:KM tube northamerica greywolf.jpg |[[K&M Grey Wolf ]]
File:K&M-Canadian-Wolf.jpg |[[K&M Wolf (2007) ]]
File:K&M84221Wolf.JPG |[[K&M Wolf ]]
File:KM minis wild wolf.jpg |[[K&M Mini Wolf ]]
File:Kaiyodo asahiyamazoo wolf.jpg |[[Kaiyodo Asahiyama 5 Wolf ]]
File:Wolf Lineol.jpg |[[Lineol 384 Wolf ]]
File:Marolin17501.JPG |[[Marolin 17501 Wolf ]]
File:Marx Wolf.jpg|[[Marx Wolf]]
File:Marx Miniature Wolf.jpg|[[Marx Miniature Wolf]]
File:Minilandwolf.JPG |[[Miniland 25117 Wolf ]]
File:Mojo_2011_wolf_standing_Kikimalou.jpg|[[Mojo 387025 Wolf standing]]
File:Mojo_2011_wolf_hunting_Kikimalou.jpg|[[Mojo 387026 Wolf hunting]]
File:Mojo387244.JPG|[[Mojo 387244 Timber Wolf Puppy]]
File:Mojo387245.JPG|[[Mojo 387245 Timber wolf Howling]]
File:NayabOA059.JPG|[[Nayab OA059 Wolf]]
File:NeoFormWolf.JPG |[[Neo-Form 164 Wolf ]]
File:NFWolfGrey.jpg|[[Neo-Form 164 Wolf ]]
File:Newray wild wolf.jpg |[[New-Ray Wolf ]]
File:Papo 53004 Wolf.jpg | [[Papo 53004 Wolf]]
File:DSC 7428.jpg | [[Papo 53012 Female Grey Wolf]]
File:Papo50162.JPG |[[Papo 50162 Wolf Cub ]]
File:Papo50171.JPG|[[Papo 50171 Howling Wolf]]
File:Papo50211.JPG|[[Papo 50211 Wolf, large]]
File:PEC_5_wolf1.jpg|[[PEC Wolf]]
File:PV big wolf.jpg |[[Play Visions 8024 Gray Wolf ]]
File:PV wilddogs greywolf.jpg |[[Play Visions Grey Wolf]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Grey.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Grey]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Grey 2.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Grey 2]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Grey Red Eyes.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Grey Red Eyes]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Tan.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Closed Mouth Tan]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Dark Grey Red Eyes.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Dark Grey Red Eyes]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Grey.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Grey]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Grey 2.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Grey 2]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Grey Red Eyes.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Grey Red Eyes]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Light Grey Red Eyes.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Light Grey Red Eyes]]
File:Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Very Light Grey Red Eyes.jpg|[[Playmobil Wolf Open Mouth Very Light Grey Red Eyes]]
File:HongshaoWolf.jpg |[[Yiniao Family Zoo Wolf |PNSO Wolf]]
File:Safari112689.jpg|[[Safari 112689 Wolf]]
File:Safari112989.JPG |[[Safari 112989 Black Wolf ]]
File:Safari273829b.JPG|[[Safari 273829b Gray Wolf]]
File:Safari222929.JPG|[[Safari 222929 Wolf Cub]]
File:Safari273829.JPG|[[Safari 273829 Wolf]]
File:Safari 341622 Wolf Cub.jpg|[[Safari 341622 Wolf Cub]]
File:Safari615304Wolf.JPG|[[Safari Authentics 615304 Wolf]]
File:Safari685804Wolf.JPG |[[Safari Toob 685804 Wolf ]]
File:Safari902003.JPG | [[Safari 902003 Timber Wolf Male]]
File:Safari902103.JPG |[[Safari 902103 Timber Wolf Female ]]
File:Safari902203.JPG | [[Safari 902203 Timber Wolf Cub]]
File:Safari100509.JPG | [[Safari 100509 Grey Wolf]]
File:Schleich 14223 Wolf.jpg|[[Schleich 14223 Wolf]]
File:Schleich 14249 Wolf.jpg|[[Schleich 14249 Wolf]]
File:Schleich 14605 Wolf.jpg|[[Schleich 14605 Wolf]]
File:Schleich 14606 Wolf Pup.jpg|[[Schleich 14606 Wolf Pup]]
File:Schleich 14626 Wolf, Howling.jpg|[[Schleich 14626 Wolf, Howling]]
File:Schleich14741.JPG |[[Schleich 14741 Wolf ]]
File:Schleich14821.jpg|[[Schleich 14821 Gray Wolf]]
File:Schleich42472wolall.jpg|[[Schleich 42472 Gray wolf mother with cubs]]
File:IMG 4267.jpg |[[Sol90 Wolf ]]
File:Takara-wolf-1.jpg|[[Takara Tomy Ania AS-26 Wolf and boy]]
File:Timpo-plastic-wolf.jpg |[[Timpo Wolf ]]
File:Tiptoi00412.jpg |[[Tiptoi 00412 Wolf ]]
File:TM1997-wolf-howling.jpg |[[Toy Major Wolf Howling ]]
File:TM-adult-wolf.jpg |[[Toy Major Wolf ]]
File:TM-adult-wolf-6.jpg |[[Toy Major Wolf pup ]]
File:TM2002howlingwolf1.jpg |[[Toy Major Wolf Howling (2002)]]
Image:VEBPlahoWolfVar.JPG|[[VEB Plaho Wolf]]
File:Wenno-wolf.jpg |[[Wenno Grey Wolf ]]
EcoDomeWolves.JPG|[[Wild Republic Eco Dome Wolf Family]]
File:WAI-wolf-pup-VV.jpg |[[Wildlife Artists Wolf Pup ]]
File:YowiesUSAWolf.jpg |[[Yowies USA Gray Wolf ]]
===[[Black wolf]]===
{{:Black wolf}}

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