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File:S&N75220.jpg |[[Science and Nature 75220 Orange bellied Parrot ]]
File:Sam 5124.jpg |[[Yowies USA Orange-bellied Parrot ]]
File:Sam 5124.jpg |[[Yowies USA Orange-bellied Parrot ]]

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phylum Chordata The orange-bellied parrot (Neophema chrysogaster) is a small broad-tailed parrot endemic to southern Australia, and one of only three species of parrot that migrate. It was described by John Latham in 1790. A small parrot around 20 cm (8 in) long, it exhibits sexual dimorphism. The adult male is distinguished by its bright grass-green upperparts, yellow underparts and orange belly patch. The adult female and juvenile are duller green in colour. All birds have a blue frontal band and blue outer wing feathers.

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clade Diapsida
Class Aves
order Psittaciformes
family Psittaculidae
genus Neophema
species N. chrysogaster