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Early Learning Centre is a UK based educational toy retailer. They have produced some animals with their markings though actual manufacturer is unknown.
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== Replicas ==
*[[ELC 1783 Common Frog|Common Frog]]
*[[ELC 4756 Squirrel|Squirrel]]
*[[ELC 4757 Hedgehog|Hedgehog]]
*[[ELC 4758 Otter|Otter]]
*[[ELC 4766 Rabbit|Rabbit]]
*[[ELC 4773 Badger|Badger]]
*[[ELC 4775 Red fox|Red fox]]
*[[ELC 17596 Mole|Mole]]
*[[ELC 17609 Marten|Marten]]
*[[ELC 17811 Wild cat|Wild cat]]
*[[ELC 17826 Muntjac deer|Muntjac deer]]
*[[ELC 17826 Feral goat|Feral goat]]
*[[ELC 31585 Frog|Frog]]
*[[ELC 100180 Rabbit|Rabbit]]
*[[ELC 101005 Robin|Robin]]
*[[ELC Red Deer|Red Deer]]
== Farm Series ==
* [[ELC Ram|Ram]]
*[[ELC 2457 Lamb|Lamb]]
*[[ELC Lamb Walking|Lamb Walking]]
*[[ELC 2460 Bull|Bull]]
*[[ELC 2463 Boar|Boar]]
*[[ELC Hampshire Piglet|Hampshire Piglet]]
*[[ELC 2469 Bay horse|Bay Horse]]
*[[ELC Billy Goat|Billy Goat]]
*[[ELC 2471 Nanny Goat|Nanny Goat]]
*[[ELC Goat Kid Walking| Goat Kid Walking]]
*[[ELC Goat Kid Standing| Goat Kid Standing]]
*[[ELC 2474 Cockerel|Cockerel]]
*[[ELC 2477 Turkey|Turkey]]
*[[ELC 2481 Duck and Ducklings|Duck and Ducklings]]
*[[ELC 2482 Border Collie|Border Collie]]
*[[ELC 2483 Cats|Cats]]
*[[ELC 2484 Farmer|Farmer]]
*[[ELC 2485 Lady Farmer|Lady Farmer]]
*[[ELC Border Collie Standing|Border Collie Standing]]
*[[ELC 33817 Highlander Bull|Highlander Bull]]
*[[ELC 33818 Highlander Calf|Highlander Calf]]
== Unnumbered ==
*[[ELC Adder|Adder]]
*[[ELC Lizard|Lizard]]
*[[ELC Lop-eared Rabbit|Lop-eared Rabbit]]
*[[ELC Spider Monkey|Spider Monkey]]
*[[ELC Toad|Toad]]
*[[ELC Snow Queen|Snow Queen]]
*[[ELC Pegasus|Pegasus]]
*[[ELC White Peacock|White Peacock]]
*[[ELC Two-headed Wolf| Two-headed Wolf]]
*[[ELC Three-headed Cobra| Three-headed Cobra]]
[http://www.elc.co.uk/ ELC Company Site]
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