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Welcome to ToyAnimal.Info!

Our project is to create a wiki that includes all toy animal manufacturers and the animals they have made. It is designed to be created as a community project, and anyone can participate. A discussion thread about this project is located at the STS forum

Your help is needed! Please visit the Editor page to learn about creating an editing account. Anyone can become an editor. Even if you do not want to edit you can still help by providing information, lists of animals by makers, links to good web resources, or any other information you notice is missing. Contact us if you have information to share.

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We offer annual memberships to the site!

Benefits include knowing you've helped us create the best toy animal resource on the web

There may be more benefits in the future as well. Our goal is to use the annual membership fees to cover the cost of keeping the site entirely independent and member run. More details at the Membership Page