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The founder of Bullyland, Volkmar Klaus, and his wife Jane , are very fond of dogs, and Bullyland is well known for the many fine models of dogs through the years.

The original logo , and the name of the company, comes from their own French Bulldogs, called Bully in German language.

Here they are with their dog Bully, in late 1999.


Naturally Bullyland has made several models of their mascot.

The black/white Bully lying flat down and looking at us with all the charm of the breed, was the first animal model ever made by Bully, and has since participated in all celebrations, - like here the turn of the century.


In 1997 the range changed to 1:12 size models - see Bullyland Large Dogs:


Throug the year Bullyland has often stepped out of the economically safe breeds as models :

Shar-Pei, Bullterriers, Keeshond, Chow Chow, Malamute etc.

As late as 2013 they launched a model of a Rhodesian Ridgeback !


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