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Inpro was a UK maker in the early 1970s. They were responsible for a line of dinosaurs given as premiums. Imperial makes identical ones of an inferior plastic that are still available, and knock offs have been made by others.

Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

Animal Year Introduced
Inpro Allosaurus 1972
Inpro Ankylosaurus 1977
Inpro Brontosaurus 1972
Inpro Corythosaurus 1972
Inpro Dimetrodon 1972
Inpro Heterodontosaurus 1972
Inpro Plesiosaurus
Inpro Protoceratops 1972
Inpro Pteranodon 1972
Inpro Saltoposuchus 1977
Inpro Smilodon 1972
Inpro Stegosaurus 1972
Inpro Styracosaurus 1972
Inpro Trachodon 1977
Inpro Triceratops 1972
Inpro Tyrannosaurus 1972
Inpro Woolly Mammoth 1972

1977 Chivers Jelly Premium Packet




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