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Jeol was a manufacturer based in Hong Kong. They are known to have produced a series of animals related to a fundraising effort of the World Wildlife Fund around 1977 or 1978. They are 1:32 scale except for the giraffe

Number Animal
G101 Jeol African Elephant Bull
G102 Jeol African Elephant Female
G103 Jeol African Elephant Calf
G104 Jeol Ellipsen Waterbuck
G105 Jeol Bushpig
G106 Jeol Leopard
G107 Jeol Impala Male Standing
G108 Jeol Impala Female Eating
G109 Jeol Lion Male
G110 Jeol Lion Female Lying
G111 Jeol Lion Cub
G112 Jeol Zebra Standing
G113 Jeol Zebra Eating
G114 Jeol Warthog
G115 Jeol Hyena
G116 Jeol Giraffe


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