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Johillco was a British maker of toy soldiers and other hollowcast lead figures begun in 1898 by a former Britains employee Mr F. H Wood. They are also known as John Hill & Company, J. Hill. or Jo Hill in lead figure markings. In 1956 they converted to plastic with those figures being marked Hillco. They went out of business in the 1960s. They produced both farm and wild animals. Item numbers included here are from O'Briens Foreign Toy Soldiers.

Lead Farm Series

Item Number Animal
246K Pigeon
246O Pig
246P Piglet
254D Bulldog
264 Steer
276 Large Rabbit
277 Small Rabbit
279 Swimming Duck
280 Walking Duck
281 Duckling
282 Rooster
283 Hen Eating
284 Chicks Walking
285 Chicks Running
286 Hen Sitting
290 Sheep Walking
307 Milk Cow
308 Cow Eating
309 Horse Eating
310 Cart Horse
311 Colt
312 Lamb
313 Calf
332 Pig Sleeping
342 Horse for Shoeing
343 Owl
344 Crow
346 Horse Lying
347 Colt Lying
372 Shepherd's Dog Lying
373 Squirrel Sitting
387 Pig Running
390 Golden Eagle
391 Collie
394 Songbird
395 Fox Terrier
396 Farm Cat
397 Fox and Duck
402 Sheep Lying
407 Fox Running
425 Hare
500A Shire Horse
500B Cow Lying
500C Calf Lying
500D Calf Standing
500E Sheep Eating
500F Bull
500G Swan
500H Frog
500N Goat
500O Turkey
500P Pig Sitting
500Q Donkey
500R Mule
500S Horse Standing
500T Gander
500U Goose
500V Black Swan

Lead Zoo Series

Item Number Animal
? Ostrich
600A Lion Male
600B Tiger
600C Chimpanzee
600D Bison
600E Seal
600F Small Frog
600G Large Frog
600H Tortois
600I Squirrel
600J Rat Lying
600K Rat Sitting
600L Rabbit Sitting
600M Eagle
600N Polar Bear
600O Giraffe
600P Grizzly Bear
600Q Asian Elephant
600R Camel
600S Alligator
600T Leopard
600U Hippopotamus
600V Polar Bear Cub
600V Grizzly Bear Cub
600W Penguin
600X Rhinoceros
600Y Pelican
600Z Camel Kneeling
601A Giant Tortoise
601B Polar Bear Sitting
601B Grizzly Bear Sitting
601C Stag
601D Kangaroo
601E Kangaroo Baby
601F Gander
601G Goose
601H Otter
601J Walrus
601K Flamingo
601L Lizard
601M Stork
601N Swan Black
601P Panda Sitting
601Q Panda Lying
601R Panda Sitting with Chair

Other Lead Figures

Item Number Animal
135M Station Masters Dog
135N Station Masters Cat


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