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Manfred Urban was a German plastics manufacturer in the 1950s and 60s, the Manurba company name is a contraction of his name. They made plastic flats as premiums and possibly other animals. They wholesaled items to Heinerle and others so the actual source is sometimes confusing. They were originally in Striegau, now a part of Poland.

Animals flat

MANURBA flat animals are made of hard plastic (animals do not swims in water) and they are not marked on bottom side. Same animals were made by HEINERLE of soft plastic (animals swim in water) and they are marked nearly unbeseen with "Made in W. Germany" on bottom side.


Animal hollow plastic

No.00 Cat and Dogs


No.10 Monkey and Chimpanzee


No.60 grey Animals

Manurba-60-grey- animals

No.70 darkbrown Animals

No.80 beige Animals

No.90 yellow Animals

No.100 Camels


No.160a white Elephants


No.160b grey Elephants


No.161 red Elephant + black Elephant

No.180 Brown Bears


No.190 Seals


No.200 Polar Bears

No.210 Lion

No.220 Tiger

No.230 Ponys

No.231 hollow Circus Horses

Animals A-Z

MANURBA Animals are not marked. Animals marked with "Made in Singapore" or "Hong Kong" are copies.


History of Manurba ( in German)

Manurba on Toy Soldier HQ