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MAROLIN, Richard Mahr GmbH.

Richard Mahr founded Marolin in 1900 in Steinach, Germany, and developed a successful business of papier mâché composition models, mainly focusing on nativity sets, but also producing toys. In 1963 the company took over the production from Lineol in Brandenburg and hence acquired the Lineol animal composition figure moulds. Between 1967 and 1973, Julius Weigelt adapted these moulds for use with plastic, reducing them to 80% of their original size.

During the time of the DDR, Marolin gradually lost their independence. In 1972, the state took over completely and incorporated Marolin into VEB Plaho, a cooperative for toy manufacturers, although the brand name Marolin still remained until 1975 and descendants of Richard Mahr remained involved in the management. During the VEB Plaho period, the Lineol-adapted plastic figures became their main output, being exported across Eastern Europe.

Following the collapse of the DDR, Marolin regained its independence and the descendants of Richard Mahr revived the company in 1992. At present, most of the production consists of papier mâché composition models, focusing on nativity and Easter sets as well as antique toys, but they also sell a limited range of plastic zoo animal figures. Most of these figures are produced using the same moulds as during the VEB Plaho time, but have a slightly different painting style. They also launched some new figures after 1992 (based on old Lineol moulds), but these have been discontinued.

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