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The Mustelinae are a polyphyletic subfamily of family Mustelidae, and includes wolverines, weasels, ferrets, martens, minks, and similar carnivorous mammals of the order Carnivora.

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American Badger 1.jpg American badger Asian badger.jpgAsian badger Beech marten.jpg Beech marten Black-footed Ferret.jpgBlack-footed ferret
Old world Badger.jpg European badger Marten.jpg European pine marten European polecat.jpg European polecat Ferret.jpg Ferret
Honey badger 1.jpg Honey badger Japanese badger Japanese marten.jpg Japanese marten Japanese weasel.jpg Japanese weasel
Kaiyodo cQM Least Weasel.JPG Least weasel Safari100412Face.JPG Long-tailed weasel Marbled polecat 1.jpg Marbled polecat Stoat.jpg Stoat
Striped-polecate.jpgStriped polecate Tayra 1.jpg Tayra Tsushima Island Marten.jpgTsushima Island marten Wolverine 1.jpg Wolverine