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Norev is a French manufacturer of diecast metal model cars. It was founded by the Véron brothers, in the suburb of Villeurbanne, near Lyon, France, in 1946. Norev is the family name spelled backwards, phonetically, Norev also means "Our dreams" in french. In 1953, after the first plastics toy fair in Oyonnax, Joseph Véron started using the new plastic 'Rhodialite' for a series of toys.

The company produced a few animals as a complement for their 1/43 model cars.


Not much is known about the French brand JEM. It was created in the 1960s by Marc Fischer (who took over the NOREV company in 1986). These two companies seem linked but parts of history are still to be written. As far as we are concerned, JEM produced animals in hard plastic type acecate and also in flexible plastic.