Stephens Island wren

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phylum Chordata Lyall's wren or the Stephens Island wren (Traversia lyalli) was a small flightless passerine belonging to the family Acanthisittidae, the New Zealand wrens. It was once found throughout New Zealand, but when it came to the attention of scientists in 1894 its last refuge was Stephens Island in Cook Strait. Often claimed to be a species discovered and driven extinct by a single creature (a lighthouse keeper's cat named Tibbles), the wren in fact fell victim to the island's numerous feral cats. The wren was described almost simultaneously by Walter Rothschild and Walter Buller, and became extinct shortly after.

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clade Diapsida
Class Aves
order Passeriformes
family Acanthisittidae
genus Traversia
species T. lyalli