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Linz was once the substitute coffee capital of Austria. Adolf Julius Titze founded the “First Upper Austrian fig coffee factory” in Rottenegg in 1868. The Titze company followed the strategy of advertising gifts. Paper advertising, collective pictures, various figures and toys are part of a huge collection area, at least as large as that of the Linde company. There are different identifiers: badges with black lettering on a white background and the well-known blob as the I point, cast and burned Titze lettering, promotional gifts had a wide variety of identifiers.

Animals with identification: The best-known and most common Titze figures are the classic animals with an identification in white, pure white and delicate pink (analogous to the animal series 2 from Linde), then the pets in white, pure white, beige, gray, brown and black, also with molded identification.

Animal series with sticker: Depending on the series, these figures are available in pure white, white, light brown, dark brown, brown-green, green and gray.

Animals with identification

Animals with sticker