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Toy Fish Factory was a North American Company, created in 2017, that replaced the Replica Toy Fish company started by Simeon Chambers. In comparison with the previous project, Toy Fish Factory shows a more diversified range but keeping the fish subject. Figures are made of a softer material than Replica Toy Fish figures. The company was presumably sold in 2021, with no further details given. The 4 sets that were released, as well as several play mats, are still available, however.

2017 releases:

2019 releases:

Sets that were announced but were never released:

  • American Catfish
  • Atlantic Coast
  • Bait Box
  • Bass Angler
  • Cleanup Crew
  • Crazy Catfish
  • Freshwater Freak
  • Garassic Park
  • Mississippi River Monster
  • Monster Fish
  • Pacific Salmon
  • Panfish Angler
  • Prehistoric Fish
  • Trout Angler
  • Western Trout
  • World Angler