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Tudor Rose were one of the early plastics companies set-up in the years after the war, that are sometimes hard to pin down as they were using each other's moulds, or they were just copying!

They bought Kleeman's Kleeware, but kept the name active for some time, as they (T*R) were busy wholesaling plastic granules to the rest of the UK industry, and a lot of the toys can be found unmarked and with either name (the spaceships being the best example), these however only turn-up with the T*R marking.

They are - like most of the production of both companies - 'junior' or infant toys, and have a stylistic quality that renders the larger animals a bit 'demi-rond', you could even say they are slightly Art Deco in appearance, but they are also reasonably recognisable for what they are.

They all come in all five colours; black, grey, white, fawn/beige and plain-chocolate brown, with the pigs coming in an additional pink. I think this is all the poses but there may be a foal and an bull, or some smaller (unmarked?) piglets? But the rest are in storage, and I may be imagining all three!

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