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Hi, I'm Julie. I go under the name Tarunyada on several sites. I've always loved animals and I remember playing with them from an early age. It all started with dinosaurs, later on I underwent a horse-phase and this slowly made place for my love of wolves, foxes and other wild dogs. I started collecting Schleich-S back in 2001, and I wanted them all! But soon I realised this was infeasable and I decided to only carry on with Schleich-S horses and some other models with I really liked. I also made my own Schleich-S horses site on which you can find information about all horses made by them. In December 2012 I joined the wonderful STS Forum and it made me open my eyes: all those brands and species, lots of possibilities! I pushed my Schleich-S horses aside (well, I still got them, of course) and started collecting all other sorts of brands and species.

Despite my lack of knowledge about most brands, I'm here to share all the knowledge I do have.