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The name: VEB Plaho =Volks Eigener Betrieb, PLAstik und HOlz . In English app = business owned by the people, plastic and wood.

Since early 1800 the area round Steinach had a tradition for making toys, mainly from wood , but in the beginning of the 1900s several businesses started making modles of various conposition material.

In the late 1950s, as part of the Socialist planned economy, it was decided to turn the productions into the modern material plastic. The company Herpat in Steinach became the base for VEB PLAHO , consisting of the businesses where the owners had fled to the West. Still privately owned businesses had the letters VEB added to their names.

In 1972 almost all toy manufacturing businesses in Steinach became expropriated. Among them was Marolin, which had its name changed to VEB Marolin Plastic. In 1975, they came totally absorbed in VEB Plaho. Marolin is of special interest, because they were making the small plastic copies of the LINEOL models, that collectors now associate with "Plaho-animals".

In 1990 the businesses were repivatized, and the only business still having the name PLAHO is Frör Plaho Toys in Steinach.

Sources :

"DDR Tiere vom VEB Plaho" by Torsten Berg, 2009.



Number Name Introduced Discontinued
01701 Horse grazing and foal 1963 2010
01702 Horse trotting and horse walking 1963 2010
01703 Pony and foal 1963 2010
01704 Donkey and foal 1963 2010
01704 Goat lying and goat standing 1963 2010
01705 Bull and cow standing 1963 2010
01706 Cow grazing and cow lying 1963 2010
01707 Calf lying and calf staning 1963 2010
01708 Sheep, 5 different, for 7 cm 1963 2010
? Sheep, 5 different, for 9 cm 1963 2010
? Sheep, 5 different, for 12 cm 1963 2010
01709 Swine and two piglets 1963 2010
? Rooster and hen with head up ? ?
? Hen pecking and three chickens ? ?
01821 Hunting dog from hunting set 1963 2010
? Shepherd dog from shepherd set . For sheep size 9 1963 2010
? Cat from the Hansel and Gretel set 1963 2010

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