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Lisanto was founded in 1908 by Anton Roeder (1878-1940)and produced in composition and later plastic. The company was located in Mengersgereuth-Hämmern/Thüringen, and after WWII in the DDR (East Germany). They produced their first Wild West figures of composition around 1920 in 9 cm size. In 1947 they resumed production with animal and civilian figures, as well as military figures. In 1953 they began a new process for production of figures Igetex hollow cast. Beginning around 1959 the composition (Maße) was by plastic. In 1972 the company was nationalized and connected to VEB Plaho Toyland.



Pre-war composition


Pre-war composition


Vollmasse (solid composition) series produced from 1947-1953. It included Western accessories such as carriages, campfires, tents, a bear, buffalo and pets

Igetex Hollow Cast

From 1953-1959 with accessories such as carriages, campfire, Totem, bear, Buffalo, dogs, Fort parts, Indian and Trapper cabins, landscapes and grottoes


Beginning in 1959


DDR Indianerspielzeug